Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Grim Revelation

When I was a young man thinking about the future, I anticipated many things. I knew life would be hard. I knew nothing was free in this world and that I would have to struggle and fight and kick and scratch and claw for every benefit or advantage I would ever get. I knew love would be rare but pain would be plentiful. I knew happiness came in small doses, and that man’s natural estate was a steady grind of work, hunger, sadness, misery and boredom; a brief and futile war against disease and death that defeats us all in the end. I was ready for this.

But nothing prepared me to live in a world where adult human beings would pay fifteen bucks to see Batman vs Superman and think it was a meaningful topic of conversation afterwards. Nothing ever prepared me for that, and I really don’t know what to say about it.

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One Fly said...

That and a lot of other similar things. It's truly fucked up.

And the donks won - sunny bitch.