Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hillary Is Inept

I live in Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border, so I get all the political ads for the upcoming Nevada caucus. In a two hour period I saw five or six different Bernie ads to Hillary’s two. Bernie’s ads feature restaurant and casino workers. They talk about Wall Street corruption and wealth inequality. Hillary’s ad tells us she supports children, and we see a montage of stale footage from the seventies showing Hillary droning on in robotic monotone about kids. The only thing that’s missing is Helen Reddy singing I Am Woman. From a purely marketing standpoint, it’s not even close. All the energy and verve is with the Sanders’ campaign. Hillary looks sclerotic and out of touch. It’s a rout.

Sure enough, I get an email from Team Sanders today showing that Hillary has blown a 35 point lead in Nevada, and the candidates are now in a dead heat. If I was a political naif, just some schlub working in a casino kitchen (which I have done, incidentally, for more years that I care to admit), I see one campaign that’s up at dawn hustling for my vote. I see one campaign with life and energy that talks about things of concrete, immediate importance to my my life. Meanwhile, Hillary gets up at noon and tells us she supports children. My God, her tone deafness is breathtaking.

Who’s idea was it to send out Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem to browbeat women to vote for Hillary? What six figure consultant came up with that idea? Hillary’s flat-footed failures in 2008 were blamed on Mark Penn, the wicked, inside the Beltway consultant. Well, he’s gone, and the Clinton campaign is demonstrating the exact same leaden stupidity that brought it down in 2008. Who’s to blame? Wicked consultants? At what point do we wake up realize that the flaws of the Clinton campaign stem directly from the candidate herself? SHE IS INEPT.

She sells herself as the candidatate who can get things done, but all she’s shown is a remarkable ability to lose leads in state after state. She did it in 2008 and she’s doing it now. Will President Hillary be any more capable?

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