Monday, April 10, 2017

Trouble In Trump Land?

No sooner than I blog about Trump’s die-hard supporters never leaving him than they … up and leave him! Way to go, me!

It turns out Trump’s latest reality TV show missile strike on Syria has deeply alienated his Cro-Magnon base. I thought these people — or am I being too generous? — would drag their ass through broken glass and hot coals for him. It turns out not so much. Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin and various other bacilli have sharply criticized it. They’re stamping their little feetsies and threatening to take their marbles home. It’s beautiful. What happened to my president, they’re saying, which is exactly what naive Obama voters (like me) said for eight years.

Meanwhile, establishment media hacks like Fareed Zakaria and Brian Williams are falling all over themselves praising Trump’s leadership. It’s truly nauseating. ’Trump became president today,’ gushes Fareed Zakaria, who should seriously consider buying a good pair of knee pads. One recalls the Emperor Tiberius’ acid disdain for the the weak and cowardly Roman Senate: “How eager they are to be slaves,” he reportedly always said.

Last week Trump was an incompetent boob and a Russian stooge; he launches a few missiles at Syria and suddenly he’s Winston Churchill. Glenn Greenwald has the whole pathetic story. The same insidious group think that go us into Iraq is in full swing, and the ludicrous, over-the-top praise will go to Trump’s head, guaranteeing that he’ll launch more strikes. Look at me, daddy, I’m a war president, and the Kewl Kids like me now. Oh boy oh boy! This feckless idiot child is going to get us into a war with Russia.

One marvels at the sheer reckless arrogance of our political class. They are so removed from reality that they represent a threat to humanity. For weeks they’ve been rabidly demonizing Putin and Russia, now we’re bombing one of their allies and pointlessly, needlessly, stupidly provoking them. Do these people not think at all? This is exactly how nations blunder into catastrophe.

I’m sick and tired of these mineral water drinking, Caesar salad eating, cholesterol watching yuppy pansy war lovers, these pudgy-souled text messengers and gym-goers who bray like donkeys for war and missile strikes because they have no skin in they game. After all, missiles never hit Georgetown or Manhattan. They’re all in for ‘humanitarian’ war as long as other humans are doing the fighting.

And while I’m at it, would people please stop deferring to John McCain as if he’s some kind of foreign policy whiz? His first, middle and last idea on foreign policy is war and bombing. This is not smart. This is not sophisticated. It is the dense and unimaginative thinking of a bully and a clod. At this stage in history, with a string of military failures to our credit, it is inexcusable. Somebody get that crusty old dick blowhard a cup of warm milk and put him to bed. Oh yeah, never forget that he’ responsible for inflicting Sarah Palin on us.

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