Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gray Thursday

I just heard some glitzy, glammy dork on TV refer to Thanksgiving as “Gray Thursday.” Gray Thursday. We have one holiday that doesn’t lend itself to commercial exploitation, so there is an effort afoot to subvert and destroy it. It wasn’t enough to crowd it out between early Christmas advertising and “Black Friday.” That wasn’t working. People, even Americans, enjoy a holiday that doesn’t make you wave the flag or buy cartloads of disposable crap. The only demands the day puts on you is to cook, eat, and give thanks. Obviously, such a simple, homely holiday has no place in our mindless consumerist utopia. It must be destroyed so that our overlords at Wal-Mart can raise their stock price a half a point.

 There is no life outside of shopping. There is only gray. Hence, “Gray Thursday.” If you hear somebody trying to be cute and use this phrase, politely say something. Don’t let this revolting term become socially acceptable and mainstreamed.

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