Monday, November 5, 2012

…And If Pigs Could Fly

I just heard some TEEVEE Republican saying that his party needs to reach out to women and minorities. If they did that, they would’t be Republicans anymore, would they? This is the party of Mitch Mcconnell and Eric Cantor — two strangely emasculated thugs who have zero appeal outside of their cro-magnon base. To steal a line from the great Kent Southard, they’re so repulsive they cause spontaneous abortions in the livestock. The give me the deep creeps, like Jerry Sandusky does. Seriously, don’t they seem hermaphroditic? Boehner is a weepy clown. Of the three he is the least offensive because he seems more dim than malvolent. And Louie Gohmert? He might be fit to be school superintendaent of Shitwater, Texas, but that’s about it. Todd Akin? Rand Paul? Michele Bachman? Newt Gringrich? Rick Perry? These people are a freak show. They just don’t have national appeal.

I’m kind of hoping to see a big schism in the Party after Romney gets defeated by the black socialist. I think the old school blue blood Jeb Bush types are getting tired of the Tea Party clowns. There’s this petulant, mean-spirited little hater on the radio called Mark Levin, and he was laying into Jeb Bush because Jeb made the not-unreasonable point that if Republicans don’t find a way to get latinos to vote for them they&rdsquo;ll be a permanent minority party. He recommended they ditch the illegal alien hysteria. That was all it took. Mark Levin and his lobotomized audience were ready to stick Jeb’s head on a pike. The redneck-plutocrat coalition just isn’t sustainable. Sooner or later the big money boyz are gonna have to put the Tea Party back in the toy closet.

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