Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Just Want Romney To Go Away

I’m getting tired of blogging about Mitt Romney. I’m getting tired of thinking about Mitt Romney. I’m tired of seeing him, hearing him, and hearing about him. He has become as irritating to me as Twitter and Facebook, and the Kardashians (whoever the hell they are), and all the other mildly toxic effluvia that swirls around our culture and makes a mockery of our lives. And we still have the Olympics to look forward to. Good God.

We live on a little rock at the outer edge of the Milky Way galaxy, circling a star that will someday blow up and incinerate us. Our lives are mostly spent working, sleeping, and waiting, waiting, waiting; and what do some of us choose to do in those few spare, pain free moments that fate does allow us from time to time? We think about Mitt Romney. Surely this is a crying sin?

So what am I going to do on this fine July day, a day when, unusual for me, I have both time and money to burn? I’m going to comment about Mitt Romney, of course. What did you think? I just can’t help it, because it looks like maybe, just maybe, something wonderful is about to happen: a bad man might get his well-deserved comeuppance, and that’s called justice.

Mitt Romney is the apotheosis of the greed-is-good, anything-for-money-goes, sociopathic corporate culture that is ruining us, and I do believe that the American people, in a rare fit of common sense, just might be rejecting it. Can this be so, or is my optimism misplaced? If Mitt Romney had more charisma would he be getting away with his behavior, which borders on the pathological? Probably, I’m afraid. Still, it’s tempting to think that not just Romney but his whole way of doing things is being rejected. Maybe we’re going through a historic sea change that will return some shreds of justice, common decency, and equality to our civic life.

Then again, I might just be full of shit. And since optimism always precedes a tragedy, maybe I should shut up.

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