Monday, March 12, 2012

Rogue Soldier

The so-called rogue soldier in Afghanistan seems to be all the rage today. We could prevent these horror stories by the simple expedient of, huh, not invading foreign countries! We can’t have it both ways. You can’t put young men through kill school, arm them with automatic weapons, and turn them loose in a foreign country with instructions to “get some” and expect them to behave like boy scouts.

I heard some dippy doo news caster pondering the eternal “why did he do it?” Gee, you think maybe a couple of couple of combat tours in Afghanistan may have had something to do with it? Just a suggestion. But Afghanistan is the good war, right?

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One Fly said...

And the sheep will bleat about why as well and Big Whore Media will refuse to address the obvious real reasons of why and of course since they are the whores they are will also refuse to call for immediate withdraw.

What Merka wants to hear.

Montag has a petition to do just that on bama's web site.