Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Please Don’t Misunderstand Me!

Like so many of us, poor Tony Hayward missed his calling:

In an interview to be aired Tuesday, former BP CEO Tony Hayward said that the company was not prepared to deal with the media “feeding frenzy” following the Gulf oil spill.

Hayward complained to BBC that he had been “demonized and vilified.”

The former CEO explained that he would have been more successful at placating the public if he had an acting degree from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).

“If I had done a degree at Rada [The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art] rather than a degree in geology, I may have done better, but I’m not certain it would’ve changed the outcome,” he said. “But certainly the perception of myself may have been different.”

This man’s company was responsible for one of the worst man-made environmental catastrophes ever, and his main concern is how the public perceives him. What a large soul! And his solution reveals that he is just as tone deaf as he is self-centered, he grants an interview with the BBC and tells the world how much easier things would have been had he been a better liar, i.e., an actor!

Why on earth has this man been demonized and vilified?

But at least he’s a good father:

Hayward expressed frustration with the intense media scrutiny. One sore point was the way the media had called him out for being seen on a yacht while the ruptured well continued to spew oil.

“I have to confess, at the time I was pretty angry actually. I hadn’t seen my son for three months. I was on the boat for six hours, between the hours of midnight and six o’clock in the morning US time and I’m not certain I’d do anything different. I wanted to see my son. The only way I could see my son was to be with him on a boat race he was on,” Hayward said.

Imagine that. Even while turning the Gulf Coast into a toxic waste dump, he still managed to spend quality time with his son at an elite yacht race. That kind of fatherly devotion is rare these days.

I wonder if he advised the lad to pursue an acting degree at RADA?

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