Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cigarettes, Whisky and Wild, Wild Women

The world’s oldest man just died at 113. He was a World War I vet named Henry Allingham, and he was the last surviving participant of the Battle of Jutland. He was also one of the founding members of the RAF, and took a bullet in the arm over the Third Battle of Ypres in 1917.

Naturally, he was asked about the ‘secret’ of his longevity. What a pointless and inane thing to ask. The only accurate answer to that question is, ‘good luck’ (or bad luck, depending on your point of view, ha ha). If I met a 113 year old World War I vet, I would have a million questions for him, and not one of them would concern his diet and exercise. Despite that, Mr. Allingham gave the best answer to that question I’ve yet heard: “cigarettes, whisky, and wild, wild women.”

A true hero. RIP.

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