Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Yahoo Account is Dysfunctional

Legitimate emails are being shuffled into my spam folder, and spam is going into my regular inbox. I was just about to get on the phone and rage when I noticed a series of emails from some elusive, mysterious beauty named Latina Angel 101. Hmm. Her messages were mixed in between various others from women with handles like Trixy_slut 2000 and Jansmommy08. Pop once told me, son, you can't get a hit get if you don't swing your bat, so I gave it a chance. I don't know. Something about the the way Latina Angel 101 typed "Only $9.99 a month" was different from all the rest. I felt a connection.

I regained my senses and figured that this Latina Angel 101 is probably no different than Latina Angel 102, a street walker who once accosted me on the streets of Lima, Peru. When I turned down her offer for what I knew would be a few hours of fetid, sloppy, utterly joyless carnal degradation, she asked me for cigarettes. One for her, a few "for her friends." Uh-Huh. So, anyway, I deleted LatinaAngel 101 and she became yet another victim of my stony heart. So did Jansmommy and trixyslut.

Back to the drawing board. Oh well, laughter is better than love, and sometimes anger trumps them both.

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