Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adam Savader Has A Future In The Republican Party

The GOP can’t afford to let a promising young man like this get away:
A former intern for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was arrested Tuesday over an alleged sexual extortion scheme.

In a press release, the FBI said 21-year-old Adam Savader allegedly stalked 15 different women from three states between May 2012 and this past February.

Savader claimed to have nude photos of the women, and threatened to release the photos unless they sent him more. He demanded that one woman answer “a series of personal questions, relating to sexual preferences, positions, etc.,” according to a FBI complaint. He also informed at least two women that he was masturbating to their stolen pictures.

“I swear on all that is holy. If you fuck with me again I will send these to your parents. I have no problem sending them to ur [sic] parents, friends and sorority sisters unless you cooperate by answering me,” he allegedly told one woman.

This is a minor setback. He’ll come out on top in the end. You watch. A young Republican who doesn’t engage in deviant behavior isn’t a serious player. This kid is signaling to his future bosses that he’s ready for primetime. Karl Rove no doubt admires the his pluck. Blackmailing girls to get nude photos from them. Why didn’t he, Karl Rove, ever think of doing that? High school could have been so much more fun …

The Party can always find a use for young men like Adam Savader and James O’Keefe. Oh, yes. Sadaver just needs a little education. Condition him to apply his dark talents to the right targets, liberals, journalists, etc, maybe teach him to handle his sexual proclivities more discreetly, and he’ll be golden.

Here’s my prediction, for what it’s worth. The kid lays low for a few years, maybe does a little time, finds Jesus, and then, a few years hence, we’ll all be hearing about some born again Republican operative named Adam Savader. Our political landscape will be graced with yet another unscrupulous Christian toad who makes a living carrying out high crimes and misdemeanors for the Republican party. (In the meantime, World Net Daily and Rush Limbaugh, should they decide to touch the story at all, will say the girls — a coven of liberal Democrats, no doubt — framed him because he was a Republican.)

Check out his digital portfolio:

The thought occurs to me: sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.    

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