Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guess What? Republicans Are Still The Same

I hope you weren’t thinking that last night’s election results would force the Republican party to do some serious soul-searching. Some of the more Serious Types (i.e., those who wish to keep their jobs on TV) are making noises about reaching out to minorities and what not, but if they ever seriously did that they wouldn’t be Republicans anymore, would they? That might actually make them morph into something that had trace elements of humanity and common sense, and what would be the fun in that?

Not to worry. Over at the EIB Newtwork Rush is manning the barricades. I just heard him saying that Obama was re-elected because Americans didn’t want to reject a black president. We gave him a mulligan, he said, so that the world won’t think we’re racist. So “we’ve rewarded mediocrity.” He also said women voted for him solely to get free contraceptives. Direct quote: “ Obama thinks of women as vaginas, and they say, ‘you’re our man.’”

Just before I shut the car off a caller came on: “I agree with everything you’ve said …”

Keep up the good work, Rush, keep leading your flock further and further into political irrelevance.

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