Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MSNBC Is A Horrow Show

Don’t ask my why, but I’ve got MSNBC on. They’ve been talking about the debate all day. It is truly insipid. Mrs Greenspan Andrea Michell made the indubitably true statement that the candidates are both tall. Scintillating journalism there, boy! Some other hairdo whom I don’t recognise is urgently saying that Mitt Romney needs to take advantage of the debate to re-introduce himself to the American public(!) I kid you not. They are going to do everything in their power to ensure Romney “wins” the debate. Mark my words.If he manages to walk upright and not dribble on himself, he will “win.”
   They are also showing highlights from the Warren/Brown debate. David Gregory is a twit, pure and simple. He asks Elizabeth Warren, “Are their any Republicans in the Senate you can work with?” Uh, excuse me, Dave, Mr. Journalist, where the hell have you been the last couple of years? The Republicans have explicitly said the will not work with Obama. Enough of this faux neutrality, both sides do it, he said she said crap. We know who the villians in this movie are. Of course, if you single out Republicans you might get kicked out of your elite country club, heaven forfend. I used to like Rachel Maddow - a very bright person indeed - but now I find her unbreably smug. All the hosts have these little ads where they give us civics lessons. It’s annoying. Interestingly enough, Chris Mathews has been good lately. He’s been calling bullshit on the Republicans and Romney. Good.
   Pardon all the typos. The new blogger is a nightmare, an abolute disaster.  It seems to have a difficult time saving changes and corrections. I may be going to Wordpress soon.

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