Saturday, September 1, 2012

Go Home, Kid, You’re Bothering Me

Mitt was human for a day, sort of, but now he’s reverting back to his true nature:
Yesterday, Gop presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited Louisiana, where much of the state was flooded due to Hurricane Issac. While visiting the Pelican State, however, Romney had some odd advice for one victim of the hurricane who had lost her home due to the flooding. According to Jodie Chiarello, a suddenly homeless resident of the state, Romney advised her to “go home and call 211.” 211 is a telephone number in Louisiana that provides information to residents about health and human services programs.

Mitt’s lying and lack of empathy reach the dimensions of a personality disorder, specifically, anti-social personality disorder. It is a condition that was referred to at a more honest time as sociopathy or psychopathy, and people who had it were called sociopaths or psychopaths. But Mitt is clearly devoted to his family, so he’s capable of feeling warmth and empathy towards others. This would rule out a diagnosis of anti-social personality and force us non-professionals to conclude that Mitt Romney is quite simply an asshole. Prognosis? Negative.

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