Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Unbearable Awfulness of Niall Ferguson

I don’t dislike wealthy people because they are rich, I dislike so many of them because they are such assholes. Case in point:
More often than not, fears like these manifest as loathing for the current administration, as evidenced by the recent wave of Romney fund-raisers in the Hamptons. “Obama wants to take my money and give it to do-nothing animals,” one matron blurted at a recent party at the Pierre for Dick Morris’s Screwed!, the latest entry into a growing pile of socioeconomic snuff porn geared toward this audience.
Please go read the whole article in New York Magazine. You won’t learn anything new, but all your worst fears about the greed, obtuseness, and overall prickishness of our wealthy overlords will be confirmed. To quote Deep Throat from All the President’s Men, “the fact is these people just aren’t that smart.”

Do I have proof? Sort of: they read books by Dick Morris! Good heavens. You couldn’t pay me to read anything by that toe-licking imp. And he’s a turncoat. After working for Bill Clinton he jumped ship and went to FOX, the swine! But of course money can’t buy good taste or intelligence. Oh yes, pay attention to the attitude of historian Niall Ferguson, an example of a character type I’ve always found uniquely repellent: the social climbing academic, people who posture as intellectuals but crave to be near power. Think Kissinger. Think ditzy Condi Rice, who often appeared to blush and fawn like a teenager when she around Important People. Come on, Condi, act you’ve been there before. Need I say more?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Niall Ferguson, my compliments. He’s just this sort of loathsome court historian who is a wee bit too fashion conscious, a wee bit too into publicity and fame, just too damn with it and hip for someone ostensibly devoted to a life of the mind. (I think he teaches business at Harvard now.) His great contribution to world culture was arguing that the British Empire was really swell, and that the American Empire is just dreamy too. Take that all you multi-culty lefties in academe!

He’s a pompous phony, a shameless boot-licker for the rich and powerful. “One thing we mustn’t do,” I saw him exclaim on that whorehouse of a network CNBC, “is blame the bankers.” Or he might have actually said, we musn’t fall in the mode of blaming the bankers. I almost threw the cat at the TV.

I also saw him pimping some book on C-SPAN, and after making point of insisting that everyone turn off their cell phones, whose own phone should ring and interrupt the proceedings? What a putz. News flash Niall, with the exception of the late great Gore Vidal, historians just aren’t that cool. No matter how much you toady to the rich you’re still just another asshole when you leave the room. Your rich ‘friends’ would rather hang out with Bono or Kobe Bryant any day. (In fact, I would go so far as to say that broad historical knowledge and sound fashion sense just don’t mix. I mean, do you remember how your history professors dressed? Khakis, loafers and bad ties.)

Get a load of the prick in action. Some multimillionaire shyster named Jeff Greene has been giving seminars to his wealthy compatriots on the none too original theme that extreme economic inequality is, you know, kind of bad, and if these thieving bastards keep pilfering the country, some of them might find themselves in the unenviable position of having their heads separated from their necks. It’s been known to happen.

Expanding on this theme, he suggested that poor kids should have greater access to a good education on the sensible grounds that is could be a benefit society. That’s when Ferguson chimes in:

”“Dream on,” Ferguson drawled in response, and the audience broke out in applause. “Dream. On.”
I rest my case. Make sure to polish your knee pads for the World Economic Forum next year, dude. Draw your own conclusions as to why this affluent professor, this scum sucking egomaniac, would be so scornfully dismissive of educating poor kids, in this case poor black kids. I guess it would get him kicked out of Aspen or something.

Even if I had money I wouldn’t hang out with these vapid and selfish turds.

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