Sunday, June 17, 2012

Looking For A Job?

How about cleaning houses for ten to thirteen dollars an hour? A fast growing house cleaning company is hiring one to two new employees. Hours will be from 30 to 40 a week, but less in the slow season. However, the company takes pains to see that its workers stay busy and receive steady checks during these dead periods. This is all from a real ad at Craigslist.

Currently have or willing to get iPhone 3GS or later.

4 x 4 vehicle

Committed to working at least 1 year (we have zero tolerance for job hoppers quitting a month after hired because they broke up with their boyfriend, etc.)

Extremely hard and consistent work ethic. Attention to detail and willing to follow procedure.

We’ve had little success hiring people of our community — work ethic, integrity, and commitment has been very poor. So please, if you are looking for a company to take advantage of and earn a pay check, don’t waste your time. We are a young company, growing fastly, and providing an enthusiastic work environment.

Yeah, sounds like an enthusiastic work environment to me. I can’t imagine why they’ve had trouble keeping employees. Who wouldn’t want to commit to working for ten dollars an hour for a whole year? These kids today have no work ethic, integrity, and commitment. How dare they take advantage of a company in order to make a paycheck. The nerve!

They are on to one thing, though. It’s vitally important that house cleaners, or what used to be called maids, have an iPhone 3GS “or later” and a four wheel drive. I’ve been saying that for years, but no one ever listened. It’s nice to see the world is finally catching on.


Vic and Alex said...

Very funny. I'm still waiting on the buy to clean my windows.

Vic and Alex said...

Very funny. I'm still waiting on the guy to clean my windows and it's been 9 days now.