Monday, December 28, 2009

Global Leadership In Action

The Bush administration’s arguments in defense of preemptive war were so convincing, they’ve gained a new convert. Meet Yang Huanning, China’s Vice Minister for Public Security:

BEIJING — A senior Chinese police official has vowed “pre-emptive attacks” against threats to Communist Party control, in a speech published days after the nation’s most prominent dissident was jailed for criticizing the Party.

Vice Minister for Public Security Yang Huanning said the government faced undiminished risks to control, despite fast economic growth, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

In a speech on December 18 to security officials, published only on Monday, Yang singled out perceived threats from political foes of the ruling Communist Party, including separatist sentiment in the border regions of Tibet and Xinjiang.

“The schemes of Western anti-China forces seeking to Westernize and split us, friction and disputes between countries, and hostile forces stirring up chaos and sabotage … remain major factors affecting our national security and social stability,” Yang said in his address.

“Strike hard against hostile forces at home and abroad. Strive to anticipate and prevent, staging pre-emptive attacks.”

It’s good to see that America still sets the example for the rest of the world. For a while I thought we were slipping.

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