Monday, August 24, 2009

Herpes Makes You Strong

Venereal disease will never be the same after this.

Chlamydia helps young men feel more ‘manly’: Swedish study

Young men who contract sexually transmitted diseases often view their afflictions as an affirmation of their manhood, a new Swedish study shows.

Upon learning they’ve been infected with a sexually transmitted disease, some young people simply see themselves as unlucky, while others undergo a maturation process which leads them to be more careful in their sexual habits, according to midwife and University of Skövde researcher Kina Hammarlund.

But members of a third group – consisting entirely of young men – succeed in transforming their diseases into a sign of their manhood.

With other male friends slapping on the shoulders and offering encouraging comments about “success with the ladies”, young men who contract diseases such as chlamydia or genital warts can come to view their infection as a badge of honour, rather than a serious health problem.

Genital warts as the new universal symbol of masculinity? Why not? I think it was Joseph Heller who pointed out what a weak symbol of virility the penis is: it’s limp most of the time and it’s primary function is urination.


Arthur said...
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Carmina said...

that way of thing is very stupid, Is like think that Sildenafil pure is more effective than viagra.

Anonymous said...

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