Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Long Live The Republic

I dug this out in honor of today’s festivities. It’s an eyewitness account of Robespierre’s execution:

The crowd was enormous. All along the road to the place of execution one heard cries of “Down with the tyrant!” “Long live the Republic!” and imprecations of every sort. The people were having their revenge for the flatteries commanded by the Terror and the hypocritical homage they had so long been forced to pay.

Just before arriving to the place of execution, he [Robespierre] was shaken from his lethargy by a woman, who forced her way through the crowd and rushed up to the cart conveying this cannibal. She grasped the railing of the cart and with the other hand threatened him, saying the while, “ Monster, spewed up from hell. The thought of your punishment intoxicates me with joy.”…

… The wretched man’s head was now no more than an object of horror and repulsion. When at last it was severed from his body and the executioner took it by the hair to display it the people, it presented and indescribably horrible spectacle.

Okay, that would just be too good, I know. But I would have been happy to see that shoe bean Bush smack in the head. Oh well, he’s gone and that’s all that counts. We can raise the American flag again without feeling like chumps or fools or drones in the service of a malignant ideology. We can start to feel good about America again. Maybe.

Congratulations everyone. We made it. Here’s to better days and better ways!


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