Friday, November 21, 2008

Show Us The Plan, Or We'll Get Really Mad!

Who says Democrats are cowards? Today, they finally showed some backbone. In fact, I'm convinced that if you combine Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer together, they equal at least one spine.

They announced they weren't going to vote on a bailout deal for the auto industry, and insisted that the Big Three come up with a viable restructuring plan first.

How do we know the Democrats really really really mean business this time? Well, because of this:

"Until they show the plan, we cannot show them the money," House speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters.

Whenever politicians borrow cliched phrases from bad movies, you know they're not screwing around. I kept waiting for one of her colleagues to step up to the microphone and gravely intone that they were drawing a line in the sand, but no such luck.

Maybe next time. Churchill's got nothing on this band of Cicero's.

They were also, weirdly, all dressed in black, like they were speaking at an undertaker's convention about the latest advances in the science of embalming. (Okay, fairness requires that I point out they were standing in front of a video screen which might have made their clothes appear darker. In truth, I think Harry Reid may have been wearing a gray suit, ashen gray, like the complexion of a mortally wounded man just seconds before dying.)

Honestly, a bowl of oatmeal is more intimidating than these clowns.

They looked just like ... what?

Let me think. Oh, yeah. They looked just like any weak, vacillating group of gelatinous politicians that always seem to predominate in a nation that's going down. Or until an Augustus, a Napoleon or a V.I. Lenin shoves them aside and tells them to get lost already.

Or until Obama comes along and takes the heat for all of the really tough decisions.

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