Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"What I Did In Vietnam Was Bullshit!"

I've known a few Vietnam veterans (and a of couple of Iraq veterans), and they all have something in common. They never talk about it, ever. I used to work with a guy who served two tours in Vietnam, and when I asked him about it one time he sharply told me: "What I did in Vietnam was bullshit!" And that was that, end of subject. Move on. The idea that any of these guys would parade their combat experiences around to demonstrate their superior character or hustle some votes is, well, bullshit.

On a competely different note. Doesn't Newt Gingrich look like the kind of guy who hangs around playgrounds in a trench coat? "Psst, little girl, come sit on uncle Newty's lap and he'll tell you why women can't hang out in foxholes."

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Jerry Doolittle said...

My stepbrother was a platoon leader with the First Air Cav in Vietnam, wounded three times and decorated for bravery. When one of my kids was little he asked Uncle Ian what he got all those medals for. He said, "Every time I did something really stupid they gave me another." He talks to me about it, but that's only because I was a correspondent there.