Monday, September 15, 2008

We're Gonna Party Like It's 1789

Well, well, it looks like the Masters Of The Universe on Wall Street turned out to have feet & brains of clay. We give them everything they want. We de-regulate the banking industry, their employees in the Republican Party (and many Democrats too) tell us all to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, what's good for Wall Street is Good For America, get Government off our backs, free up capital, if you're not rich it's because you're lazy, don't whine, work harder, shut up and let the experts do their thing, we need a president who will run America like a business (you know the drill). Well, they got their wish and look at the results. Lehmann Bros, Merill Lynch, A.I.G and WaMu are all going bankrupt. What do you get when you combine corrupt financial institutions with corrupt political institutions, incompetent leadership, falling living standards and military defeat? It's beginning to feel a lot like guillotine time. Sharpen the blades and get ready to start choppin'.


Anonymous said...

If only.

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