Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Republican National Convention

Personally, I think watching the Weather Channel on Vicodin is more exciting, but one of the responsibilities of citizenship is keeping watch over the criminals and buffoons that rule us, so I'll hunker down in front of one of "news" networks and do my duty like soldier. I cannot, however, guarantee that I won't be staggering drunk by the time it's over. So far I've been watching CNN (don't ask). Wolf Blitzer has an unhealthy obsession with the music and keeps forcing the other commentators to talk about it (he did the same thing at the Dem's Convention. It's very odd). Bill Bennet is a pompous ass, and I have the strong suspicion that he and Rush Limbaugh were separated at birth. Gloria Borger is insufferable. I'm not sure she's qualified to be an intern at People Magazine, let alone a political commentator on a major network. She has a unique talent for stating the stupidly obvious in terms we can all understand. The rest of the crew should be included in Roget's Thesaurus as synonyms for the word "Nullity." I'll probably switch to MSNBC at some point, but I'm always afraid Chris Matthews is going to slip into complete psychotic mania right on camera, and I just couldn't bear to watch that. Life is embarrassing enough as it is. Olbermann is pretty good, but lately he's been a little too Edward R. Murrow by-half. And if I watch Rachel Maddow, I'll fall completely, head-over-heels in love. Posting will continue tomorrow in the AM if I haven't been rushed to the emergency room with delirium tremens.

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